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 Haru Korean / Sushi Restaurant - Seattle, WA

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PostSubject: Haru Korean / Sushi Restaurant - Seattle, WA   Tue Jul 15, 2008 4:40 pm

This place is hidden from the major shopping areas and is somewhat invisible from the typical places expected for a Korean restaurant to be. It has a Japanese theme as well but the owner is Korean and he used to be the owner of Sa Geh Juhl (4 Seasons) Restaurant back in the days when it used to do well. Of course, when he left the old restaurant, it decreased significantly in quality and business. Now he's back at Haru and the food and service are just fantastic. THERE IS NO MSG IN ANY OF THEIR FOOD. Now, this is pretty impressive, considering how chefs at Korean restaurants are always so tempted to use MSG to enhance their flavor. Nevertheless, the flavor of the banchans and stews was excellent! This is one restaurant which should be at a prime location. Their current location is not very good with a very tiny parking spot on a busy street so it's hard to get out.
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Haru Korean / Sushi Restaurant - Seattle, WA
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